In-house aligners created just for you.

Did you know that Dr. Gibson was a member of the 12 doctor research team that developed Invislaign in the 1990's! He worked on this research project for 6 years experimenting on patients and developing the protocols that allowed Invisalign to become a reality. Although rudimentary at the time, 3D printing was a key part of this early research. The doctors on this team were the first to attempt this technique, and there is no one who has used aligners longer than Dr. Gibson. Things have come a long way since then. Dr. Gibson still uses Invisalign aligners, but he also uses in office scanning and engineering to design custom aligners that we  3D print in our office laboratory. 

Clear aligner treatment takes the metal out of orthodontics, giving you an aesthetic treatment option that produces fantastic results. Often with this type of treatment, aligners are created offsite and shipped to our office, where we then fit and deliver them to you. Using our own in house 3D printing laboratory, we are able create your custom aligners right here in our office, enabling you to begin treatment sooner. This also provides Dr. Gibson greater control of our aligner design.

To begin your clear aligner treatment, we will generate digital models of your mouth and upload the data into our engineering software. From there, we will formulate a treatment plan, addressing the specific movement of each tooth to attend to your smile and bite issues. Once your treatment plan is complete and your new smile designed, we print your first set of aligners and begin your transformation.

Aligners created with our SprintRay 3D printer are made of very advanced high performance materials that allow for predictable movement of teeth. Plus, if your treatment plan ever needs to be adjusted, or if you misplace one of your aligners, we can simply re-print a new set of aligners in the office. 

SprintRay 3D printing is just one of the ways we are dedicated to improving your overall orthodontic experience. Through advanced technology and Dr. Gibson's extensive expertise with aligners, you can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted—faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.